What is MWH

The Multi-way HUET, MWH-6 is a new type of simulator which enables improved underwater escape training of helicopter and fixed wing aircraft crew and passengers. Omnidirectional means movement in any direction

The simulator has the following unique features:

A) The spherical shape combined with double axial rotation in both horizontal and vertical plane, enable versatile unpredictable movements which simulate similar helicopter crashes/ditches into sea.

B) MWH rotates in all directions, not only 180 degrees horizontal direction as the conventional simulators.

C) Controlling the experienced loss of direction and balance is one of the most important aspects in HUET-training. Training with MWH is much more efficient than with other simulators in the market today.

D) Location of doors, windows, hatches and seats can be altered to simulate a variety of helicopter models. Standard delivery option with one door and three push out windows. Specific helicopter types are optional, such as option with four doors similar to Sikorsky-76. Other helicopter types are also possible.

E) The innovative design allows the MWH to be quickly and easily transformed into a free falling training simulator. This unique feature allows simulation of impact on water. Fall distance up to 1.8 meters. Special compensated seats as option.

F) Back-up functions have been designed in case of emergency situations.

G) Both side panels can be removed by operating emergency handles. When the complete side panel is removed it provides immediate and unrestricted access in and out of the cabin.

H) Simulator internal space is recorded during training. The spherical structure allows accurate recording of the complete training cycle. As option second internal camera and underwater pool camera for monitoring actions during operation.

I) MWH – 6 is ideally suited for all types of training, including base training as traditional simulator with rotation around single axis, and more demanding training with rotation around both axes.

J) In addition, the device can also be modified to other training applications, such as military, off shore, industrial etc.

The Multi-way HUET, MWH-6, is a new type of simulator with both horizontal and vertical axial rotation.

This enables improved underwater escape training of helicopter and fixed wing aircraft crew and passengers.

MWH can be used for training with various other enclosed cabin environments, such as rescue boats and military vehicles.

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