The conventional HUET, CH-7, is a simulator which offers conventional underwater escape training of helicopter crew and passengers.

The simulator has the following features:

A) Conventional one rotation axis huet simulating a helicopter’s horizontal rotation when it crashes/ditches to the sea.

B) Location of doors, windows, hatches and seats can be altered to simulate a variety of helicopter models. Standard delivery option with one door and five push out windows. Specific helicopter types are optional.

C) Back-up functions are designed in case of emergency situations.

D) As option simulator internal space can be recorded during training. As additional option underwater pool camera for monitoring actions during operation.


- stainless steel frame with fibre glass panels

- aluminium floor

- turning sphere and lifting mechanism (stainless steel) to fit customer crane

- seats for five (5) people

- control pedal for brake

- transport and storage stand with wheels

- Doors and openings

o five (5) push out windows

o one (1) door with opening mechanism

o open rear


- internal camera and recording system

- emergency guiding light system

- emergency flash light connected to panic button inside the cabin

- cockpit module for 2 persons with 2 seats and 2 doors with opening mechanism