ADDED REALISM in underwater escape training - Free Fall with MULTIWAYHUET

posted 21 Oct 2013, 01:41 by Pekka Eskelinen   [ updated 22 Oct 2013, 02:46 ]

Multiwayhuet has undergone vigorous use and testing since its inception in 2008, both by our customers and by Lamor Subsea. We have a keen ear to our customers and are continually developing additional functions to our simulators. As a good example, the free fall function has been thoroughly tested. We are proud to release some recent images and video of the MWH-6 simulator which will be in use in China later in 2014.



Safety Features in Underwater Escape Training Simulators

posted 2 Nov 2010, 00:54 by Pekka Eskelinen

With MWH we have conducted comprehensive risk assessments, including both technical and personal factors, and have designed our simulators with several simple and some new safety measures.

Keep it simple.
Follow instructions.

Lamor Subsea unveils a series of simulators

posted 8 Feb 2010, 04:59 by Pekka Eskelinen

In addition to the new generation MWH-6 simulator, Lamor Subsea offers an upgradable conventional version, based on the same award winning MWH design.

For information on the complete range of underwater escape and water rescue simulators, follow this link MWH SERIES.


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We have added section PRESS RELEASES which are also available for download.

Look also at

IASST International Meeting and Seminar - Friday - 25.10.2013

posted 10 Aug 2009, 15:40 by Pekka Eskelinen   [ updated 30 May 2013, 23:57 ]

Friday - 25.10.2013
International Meeting and Seminar
To be hosted by SMTC Singapore

Nomination for Sea safety international award 2009

posted 10 Aug 2009, 15:27 by Pekka Eskelinen

LamorSubsea, Scandinavian Safety Training Centre and Akela were nominees for the Sea safety international award 2009 in the training category, June 10 2009. The date coincided with the inauguration of MWH-6 at SSTC Käringön training centre.

We were honoured to be nominated for this prestigious award and congratulate all the winners.

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