Future of underwater escape training

Multi Way Huet, MWH, was developed to provide more realististic and safe environment for underwater escape training.

nominated for Safety at Sea International Award  by Lloyds Register and Fairplay in 2009.



MWH-6 Multiwayhuet simulator

The Multi-way HUET, MWH-6, is a new type of simulator with both horizontal and vertical axial rotation. 
This enables improved underwater escape training of helicopter and fixed wing aircraft crew and passengers. 
MWH-6 can be used for training with various other enclosed cabin environments, such as rescue boats and military vehicles.

We provide the most realistic, yet safe training for underwater escape. MWH-6 suits any kind of training scenario, from your basic OPITO standard training all the way to free fall training.

ATET-5 Aircraft Terrain Escape Training simulator

The ATET-5 is designed as a realistic enclosed space environment simulating all kinds of aircrafts and land vehicles. ATET-5 enables most efficient escape training at dry conditions i.e. what can be encountered at crash landings and accidents with vehicles in land/ground/terrain conditions

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